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There is no moving service appointment that is too small for us, most definitely not less important. Unlike most companies around, we understand most the complexities of condo and apartment moves better than anybody else. For various reasons, this is more challenginig that moving large houses. But we at Super Movers of Brockton, we specifically design your moving needs to match the exact things you needed from us. In our family-owned company, our top priority is quality, professionalism, integrity and care. Knowing that we will be a part of the next stage of your lives, makes us all fall in love even more with what we do. A crew of highly trained, insured, experienced and friendly movers will be your helping hand during your move. We are always thankful for everytime you allow us to assist you in your moving journey.

Super Movers of Brockton claim to be the best among your local moving companies and we have some “super” reasons why:

Timeliness is important

Most of the time, it is expected that you book for an elevator reservation both at your current condo and in the new building. During this time, you really need to be with a moving company that you can rely to do the job perfectly. Super Movers of Brockton is your company of choice. It is part of our job to give you advise regarding how you should schedule your elevator bookings, basing on many factors, such as, the size of the move, dissemble and assemble furnitures, and whatever you may need for packing items. Call us today and we’ll be more than happy to discuss these with you, just book an appointment with us.

Carefulness is critical

It maybe costly, but you have to put in a deposit for your elevator reservations both at your current and new condo or apartment. These buildings are very strict when it comes to moving, for damages on public spaces may be incurred if you hire careless movers to move your belongings in and out. We are very methodical and truly take great care on our every move when working. Our professional and highly experienced crew uses padded blankets, plastic wraps and appropriate equipment to move your household goods to and from the truck without scratching or scuffing any walls, doors, corridor walls, elevators and other public or private surfaces.

Experience is irreplaceable

For your condo, apartment, or studio move, you want to employ the best, most experienced, and professional movers. It is difficult to transfer furniture in and out of the apartment or into and out of the truck due to a lack of space, short and narrow door frames, narrow passageways, and so on. There are just too many things to consider. Our moving team has done it countless times without incurring any incident, so you can rest assured that if you engage us for your move, youand your belongings will be taken care of.

Movers as well as packers

This is something that few businesses do. We totally understand how busy your schedules can be. You have things to do whether it’s work related, family, or just leisure and fun. We offer a full service packing as a result of your busy schedule. As early as the day before or early next day of your move, we disassemble and carefully pack your belongings. This is depending on the zie of your condo or apartment though. Our team of great movers have done this many many times before, so we are confident to entrust you with them.

Capabilities are Versatile

Across Plymouth and Norfolk Counties, Super Movers of Brockton specializes in condo, apartment, and studio moves. Every day, we transfer every sort of condo or apartment, from low-rise to high-rise buildings, duplexes and triplexes, lofts, and other types of homes. Most high-rised buildings offer elevator reservations, but low-rised ones does not, others doesn’t have any elevator. We’ve been present in all those conditions, and we managed to move them in no time, we do the best we can to cater every needs. When it comes to apartment relocation, we certainly know Brockton very well, just like the back of our hands. Super Movers are always ready to answer whatever questions you may have, assist you in anything you need in terms of moving, and we can definitely arrange the entire relocation work for you. We are the only movers in Brockton that delviers what we promise, we go above and beyond our service. We can discuss more about our service, give us a call now!

Pricing is transparent

Moving jobs for condo, apartment, or studio type are usually charged on an hourly basis, ad there are many factors to consider in doing the work, where it could extremely affect the time of completion per customer to customer. There are many determinants that impact the time needed for the move, such as the elevator size, parking spot made available by you, distance and traffic conditions between current and new place to move in. Also, efficiently make elevator reservations for both buildings, so as the crew members does not spend a lot of wait time for when the elevator frees up and for whatever other factors there maybe. Note that the hourly price of the service, is dependent on how many movers are needed to your condo or apartment. It is understandable that you will need fewer movers when moving to a studio versus when you’re moving to a larger apartments.

The culmination of all these reasons is a stress-free moving day for you. Condo and apartment moving or any type of moving really, is not fun and often quite long and stressful. We work really hard to take away that stress from you. Our movers have a combination of experience, integrity, capability, professionalism and an inherent drive to make our customers’ lives easier, which results in that stress-free moving service you hope and dream of. For many moving companies you’re a transaction. For us, you’re a long term relationship.

Apartment and condo moving professionals

A couple of things still remain your responsibility on moving day:

  • Elevators – It is always best to reserved elevators for your current and new buildings for multiple slots from the premises on the day of your moving. We can discuss this further if you can give us a call, so we can coordinate what works best with our open moving slots as well. We recommend that you do this 6-8 weeks prior to the moving date, and you would want to do this during weekends when both your building elevators and our crew is on a tight booking schedule.
  • Parking spot – It is important that there is an available parking spot for us to use, whether it’s inside the building, in the loading area or in a back-alley behind your building. If not, please make sure that there is an available area near your place where it meets all the city’s requirements so we can park there. Almost all buildings have rich experience with moving, so they will be able to help you get an exact place for us to park. You may also discuss this with us, so feel free to give us a call and so we can reserve a moving slot for you, and we’ll be more than happy to give you an advise too. Please also note that the distance between your condo to the parking spot has a direct impact on the time consumed by our local movers when loading and unloading ypur possessions.
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